The Amazing Veg Fest Prize Package is an exciting new addition to Ottawa Veg Fest in 2017.  Instead of the multiple small door prizes that we’ve offered in the past, this year we’ll be offering The Amazing Veg Fest Prize Package. In fact, there will be three prize packages, one Grand Prize (worth $2500) and two Runners Up (worth $800 and $500).

We’ve gathered a wide assortment of prizes to include in The Amazing Veg Fest Prize Package, including two of the hottest new small appliances on the market – the Instant Pot (with deep Ottawa roots), the T-Fal ActiFry, along with an $800 set of premium pots and pans. Other prizes include Gift Certificate for Student Holistic Nutrition Clinic, an indoor LED garden, Fitness Consultation, personal training session and athletic nutrition consultation, gift certificate for organic produce, grocery staples and local yummy foods, an indoor Aeroponic garden, a 3-day dietary analysis, a selection of tasty, a selection of Indian and Mexican cooking sauces and ketchups, tantalizing vegan meal kits, plus lots more.

Watch for details on our Facebook Page.