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Ottawa Veg Fest is well known for its excellent speaker series. Veg Fest 2017 will be no different. The presentation schedule is shown below followed by details about the presentations and speakers.

Special thanks to volunteers from the National Capital Vegetarian Association for their coordination of the speaker series and cooking demos.

Presentations Schedule


Saturday June 3, 2017

10:30 – 11:25     JL Fields:  Five Ways to Eat Vegan in the Real World

12:20 – 1:15      Sam Shorkey:  Guide to Being a Vegan Hippie Meathead

2:10 – 3:05      Camille Labchuk:  Animal law in Canada: How to help animals
through legal advocacy

Sunday June 4, 2017

10:30 – 11:25      Emily von Euw:  Raw Food 101

12:20 – 1:15       Steve Jenkins:  Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary

2:10 – 3:05     Pamela Tourigny:  So, You Wanna Go Vegan …

Saturday June 3
10:30 – 11:25

Five ways to eat vegan in the real world

JL Fields
Colorado Springs Vegan Cooking Academy, Cookbook Author, Teacher, Dining Critic and Radio Show Host

Transitioning to – and maintaining – a plant-based diet isn’t complicated! From navigating the grocery store to easy meal ideas to managing “multivore” relationships at home and work, I’ll share simple strategies for those of us living in the real world.

About the Presenter:
JL Fields is the founder and director of the Colorado Springs Vegan Cooking Academy and the author of several cookbooks, including The Vegan Air Fryer and Vegan Pressure Cooking. Fields is on the culinary arts faculty at the University of New Mexico-Taos, a newspaper dining critic, and hosts the weekly radio program Easy Vegan.

Saturday, June 3
12:20 – 1:15

Guide to Being a Vegan Hippie Meathead

Sam Shorkey
Vegan coach and professional physique competitor

Sam is a vegan coach and professional physique competitor who not only provides her clients with fitness and nutrition programs but with equally important “joy and inner peace” plans.  Describing herself as a “mindful meathead,” Sam epitomizes the right balance of “vegan hippie” and “meatless meathead.”  So let us ohmmmm and grunt with her as Sam discusses everything from bodybuilding and plant-based nutrition to body shaming, living life with intention and how you too, can unleash a healthy mind and sexy body.

About the Presenter:
Samantha Shorkey is a two-time winning vegan bikini athlete, certified personal trainer, the first-ever vegan World Naturals bikini pro and author of the ebook “Jacked on the Beanstalk: Plant-Based Fuel for Vegan Athletes.”  Meat-free since age eight, Samantha shares her workouts, recipes, tips and experiences via her website.

Instagram: @samshorkey
Twitter: @samanthashorkey

Saturday June 3
2:10 – 3:05

Animal law in Canada: How to help animals through legal advocacy

Camille Labchuk
Animal rights lawyer and
executive director of Animal Justice

Most Canadians believe that animal cruelty is unacceptable, yet animals still endure horrific suffering for the sake of food, fashion, experiments, and entertainment. Animal lawyers are working to shift societal norms and ensure our legal and political institutions can no longer ignore animals and their suffering. This talk will explore how each of us can play a role in improving the laws protecting animals in Canada.

About the Presenter:
Camille Labchuk is an animal rights lawyer and executive director of Animal Justice—Canada’s only animal law advocacy organization. Animal Justice works to promote tough new animal protection legislation, enforce laws already on the books, and fights legal cases in courtrooms. Camille lives in Ottawa.

Sunday June 4, 2017
10:30 – 11:25

Raw Food 101

Emily von Euw
Cookbook author, blogger and speaker

Emily will discuss the philosophies behind raw food, uncooking techniques, her favourite kitchen equipment and ingredients, and why she enjoys -and thrives on- a high raw diet. Since life is not black and white, Emily wants you to know that neither should a raw diet be black and white.

About the Presenter:
Emily von Euw is the creator of the award-winning recipe blog, “This Rawsome Vegan Life.”  She is the best-selling author of three cookbooks: Rawsome Vegan Baking100 Best Juices, Smoothies and Healthy Snacks; and The Rawsome Vegan Cookbook. She has presented at veg expos across Canada and the USA. Emily lives in Vancouver.


Sunday June 4
12:20 – 1:15

Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary

Steve Jenkins
Animal Activist
and Co-Founder,
Happily Ever Esther
Farm Sanctuary

Within three years, ‘micro pig’ Esther grew to be over 600 pounds and managed to accumulate millions of friends and fans from all across the globe.  It turned out there was nothing ‘micro’ about Esther and she cultivated a movement never-before seen in the animal rights community. Come and hear about ‘the Esther effect’ and stories from the farm, which is home to over 50 rescued farmed animals.

About the Presenter:
In just three short years, Steve has cemented a place for himself among the world’s most well-known and successful animal activists, accumulating millions of followers from all over the world.  In 2014, he and his partner founded Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary near Toronto, where they rescue abandoned farmed animals.

Sunday June 4
2:10 – 3:05

So, You Wanna
Go Vegan …

Pamela Tourigny
Vegan Lifestyle Expert,
Blogger and Founder:

You’ve heard about the great reasons to go plant-based, and you’re ready to learn more and maybe even jump right in!  You’re in good company: A 2015 Environics survey revealed that one third of Canadians are either vegetarian or are eating less meat.

Ottawa vegan lifestyle expert Pamela Tourigny shares her evolution from rural farm kid to Level 6 vegan.  She will discuss the key benefits of eating plant-based (you’ll want this when the questions start rolling in), and will provide her insights – and assurances – that we are on the right side of history. You’ll leave feeling inspired to make positive change.

About the Presenter:
Pamela Tourigny has been vegan for nearly 13 years, and it’s her mission in life to introduce the lifestyle to the mainstream. She co-founded Ottawa Veg Fest, runs, has organized dozens of vegan events, and was honoured with the Ottawa mayor’s City Builder Award in 2016 for her community building efforts. She was a presenter at Toronto’s Veg Food Fest in 2015. She is marketing director for several Ottawa vegan/vegan-friendly businesses, fosters dogs, and plays a lot of ultimate frisbee.